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A high tech solution provider for Industrial,Commercial and Domestic waste water problems. Enviro Tablets products are uniquely engineered tablets and powders that deliver a complete "Biological Cleaning" package, including "Active Oxygen".

Enviro Tablets in action in a Grease Trap

We now have 2 new Boost Powder products.
Hydrocarbon Remediation removes hydrocarbon pollutants from bodies of water and contaminated soil.
Hyper Boost reduces and controls excessively high pH water.







Hydro-Carbon Boost Powder

Hyper Boost Powder

BOOST POWDER 7kg (or in 40g sachets)
Enviro-Tablets™ Boost Powder is the all round workhorse of the range, and is suitable for all applications.
It is used as a rapid start element to enable the bacteria biomass to form quickly and start dealing with the pollutants. The Boost Powder is always used to start the remediation process.

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Once deployed the products release the bacteria to digest the organic content of the relevant system, they also release "Active Oxygen" which initially aids creation of a bacteria friendly environment and also creates natural oxygen based cleaning agents which permeate the cleaning action throughout the system. In addition to this natural buffering compounds are liberated, which assist the bacterial establishment and also neutralise acidic water and urine, reducing internal corrosion.

The powder can also be useful in situations where access to the waste water system prevents deploying the Tablets. Our Boost Powder also highlights a property of the whole range, that of being able to coat all parts of the system with the bacteria to achieve complete protection.
The product is easily deployed into your system by simply pouring the powder directly into the Grease Trap or sink. It can be used where no grease trap exists to convert the whole system into a grease remover. The product will also work on toilet systems, including urinals, to ensure zero blockages.
Our Boost Powder also works in washing machines, dish washers, showers, sinks, drains and food grinders, in commercial and domestic situations, to clean, eliminate bad smells, remove blockages keep systems flowing freely. It has been used extensively on Cruise ships and in other marine applications. (See our MultiCleen product in the Retail Products section.)
Many Hotels and Restaurants, world-wide, use our products on a daily basis. The products are safe to handle and require no specialised training or equipment (Please see the M.S.D.S.)
Most local Water Companies now levy fines for improperly discharging polluted commercial waste water into their treatment systems.
Eliminates all Fats, Oils and Grease rapidly
Prevents blockages - overcomes access problems
Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous
Removes/eliminates Bad Odors and Organic sludges
Easy Application -No Need for Pumps or Dispensers
Cleans Entire System -Helps eliminate Pipe/System Corrosion
Saves Time & Costs, Affordable & Cost Effective
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