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A high tech solution provider for Industrial,Commercial and Domestic waste water problems. Enviro Tablets products are uniquely engineered tablets and powders that deliver a complete "Biological Cleaning" package, including "Active Oxygen".


Enviro Tablets in action in a Grease Trap

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"Complete pond & aquarium water maintenance in one product "
Enviro-Tablets™ Aqua Care™ provides all the necessary components to help clean and maintain your pond, aquarium, or industrial aquaculture pond in one product.
Our safe aerobic bacteria used are selected specifically for their ability to degrade organic material and detritus (fish excreta, dead leaves, etc), and nitrify ammonia. They increase the dissolved oxygen levels in the water, giving a much better environment for the whole system - including the fish. These bacteria consume the nutrients algae rely on in the water (carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous), which could eliminate them or dramatically reduce their growth. They also consume the remains of the algae preventing sludge build ups and remove the bad smells associated with polluted water. The product also cleans up pond plants and removes slimy deposits. The “Active Oxygen” component also stirs up the organic matter at the bottom of the pond cleaning it and keeping it clearer longer, plus super oxygenating the water.
Home aquariums, Private ponds and lakes, Ornamental koi ponds, Tropical fish ponds, commercial lakes and shellfish ponds.
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Aquacare 1kg tub
A tub of 80 of our new formulation tablets for aquariums over 100lts and ponds up to 2,000lts
Clears and helps to clarify your water and could reduce/eliminate algae - including blanket weed.
Digests and removes organic wastes
Removes/eliminates Bad smells and Organic sludges
Boosts filter bacteria colonies
Cleans Entire Filter System - reduces manually cleaning
Saves Time & Costs - less aeration & cleaning needed
Rapidly increases dissolved oxygen levels, nitrifies ammonia Aquacare 4000 litre pack A boxed combination of tablets and powder for ponds up to 4,000lts
Probiotic bacteria aid fish health & prevent parasites getting established
Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous
Aquacare 12000 liter pack

A boxed combination of tablets and powder for ponds up to 12,000lts.

  For a detailed dosing guide and help in determining your pond size - please click here
Aquacare 20000 litre pack A combination of tablets and powder for ponds up to 20,000lts in a waterproof bucket.
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