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A high tech solution provider for Industrial,Commercial and Domestic waste water problems. Enviro Tablets products are uniquely engineered tablets and powders that deliver a complete "Biological Cleaning" package, including "Active Oxygen".

Enviro Tablets in action in a Grease Trap

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"Complete pond & aquarium water maintenance in one product "

5 star rating

“I have used Enviro Septic Tank Tablets successfully for over six years and they have kept our tank working perfectly without problem or pump-outs. I find Enviro Septic Tank Tablets work very effectively and saved money and the inconvenience of regular pump-outs. And the sales support is brilliant”

Thank you again Stuart!

James Kennedy


5 star rating

From: LN, Cheshire

Spot the difference

Before Enviro Tablets After Enviro Tablets

Pond looks amazing, Job well done. Cleared all the duckweed and the water is crystal clear - Thank you.

5 star rating

It does what it claims, and it claims alot!

By  Chanse  on July 6, 2015

Size: AquaCare 500 Gal. Verified Purchase

I bought this about a month ago because I was having a large outbreak of black algae in my freshwater 80 gallon aquarium. Notice I said "was". This product did exactly what it said it would do and it did it within the same amount of time they said it would take to do it. I added 1 TBS of the powder to my tank and when I went to add the second treatment 7 days later, I could already see an improvement. Here I am a month later, I add one table spoon of this stuff every seven days and the algae is gone, the water is clearer, and even the glass seems to stay cleaner for much longer.

I have six Clown Loaches, a pleco and several different smaller tetras and guppies. I was worried about the effect that this might have on the Loaches because they are a scaleless fish and would be the most sensitive to chemicals. I am glad to report that the Loaches have never been happier! They're eating better than they used to, and I think that is because the waist and excess food on the bottom is now being broken down and is no longer available as a food source. I would recommend this product to anyone, even if you're not having a problem, this will keep your tank looking great!

5 star rating

Aquacare tablets and powders

“It's like having several billion friends turn up to help you look after your pond, clears the water, eliminates filter smells - can't recommend highly enough ” (Mark Williams – Koi breeder)

5 star rating

Mr DS – South Wales

September 2015 – Aquacare 1kg (2,000lts)

I have a 3,000 litre pond with various fish breeds in it. The pond suffered from murky water, smelly filter and blanket weed. I've used Enviro Tablets Aquacare for 6 months and I'm happy to report that the water cleared within 2 weeks of first applying the product and within 4 weeks the blanket weed all but disappeared. The fish are very happy and thriving and the filter no longer smells. All in all a cracking product! I heartily recommend it.

5 star rating

Mr C.B. - W.Midlands

I've used Enviro Tablets Septic 1 Year kit for the last 3 years and have not had to have my tank pumped once, I have no bad smells and everything works perfectly. Definitely recommend.

5 star rating

Earth Friendly

By Harry on June 28, 2013

Size: 2" Diameter | Verified Purchase

Happy to have found this product.... we have septic so I'm always conscious about putting bleach and harsh chemicals down the drain. Its challenging to find non-toxic products and I love that the tablets work for so long, in between cleanings. Delighted with this product and supplier. Many thanks for offering earth friendly options!



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