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A high tech solution provider for Industrial,Commercial and Domestic waste water problems. Enviro Tablets products are uniquely engineered tablets and powders that deliver a complete "Biological Cleaning" package, including "Active Oxygen".

We have now re-engineered and reformulated our tablet range to make them easier to dose and just as effective

Enviro Tablets in action in a Grease Trap

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"Complete pond & aquarium water maintenance in one product "

Our Septic Tank products are the complete environmental answer to keeping septic systems running properly, also eliminating Fats, Oils, Grease and organic sludges and unpleasant smells from septic tanks.

An easily dispensed monthly treatment that really works
Our Septic Tank products are an all natural, environmentally safe, sustained release tablet and powder, containing Patented ingredients, that deliver active oxygen and aerobic micro-organisms safely and effectively to your tank, which dramatically boosts the growth of the needed bacteria colonies and reduces solid wastes, including toilet paper and sludges, while removing noxious smells and outperforming existing competitive products. The product saves you money by not having to have your tank pumped, so often. They dramatically improve the quality of the outflow water and keep your tank and toilet system working properly.

They contain no harsh chemicals, require no special handling and are non toxic and safe to use.

Dosing instructions – 2 tablets flushed down the toilet, once a month - depending on tank size.

Stops Odours & smells – cleans up the outflow water
Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous
Reduces/eliminates Solids, toilet paper and sludges
Easy Application -No Need for Pumps or Dispensers
Cleans Entire System -Helps eliminate Pipe/System Corrosion
Saves Time & Costs, Affordable & Cost Effective
Reduces the number of pump-outs - saves money. Neutralises urine.
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