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An environmental high tech solution provider for solving Industrial,Commercial and Domestic waste water problems.

Enviro Tablets products are uniquely engineered tablets and powders that deliver a complete "Biological Cleaning" package designed to clean up all forms of organic pollutants in a safe environmentally friendly manner and restore water quality.




Enviro Tablets products now being used on many European River Cruise boats to keep the toilet systems clean and free from blockages.

MultiCleen™ is a 15x 40g sachet pack of our renowned Boost Powder and is the complete environmental answer to sourcing a CHLORINE FREE multifunctional household cleanser. It is especially designed to work with Septic Tanks and home sewage treatment systems as well as main drain systems.

It helps clear Urea deposits from toilet pipes, deep cleans domestic sinks (including removing deep stains from ceramic sinks), toilets, shower basins, food waste disposal units, waste water pipes, dishwashers and automatic washing machines.

The pack contains sufficient product for 3-4 months of average use.

It safely clears all bad smells & organic blockages.


Client product reviews:

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The benefits of using Enviro Tablets products. Our products will: Safely digest Fats/Oils & Greases, Remove all bad water smells, Stop blockages and keep systems flowing, Eliminate organic sludges, Improve water quality, Reduce/ prevent corrosion and be environmentally friendly and safe - IN ALL THESE APPLICATIONS AND MORE  

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