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A high tech solution provider for Industrial,Commercial and Domestic waste water problems. Enviro Tablets products are uniquely engineered tablets and powders that deliver a complete "Biological Cleaning" package, including "Active Oxygen".


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Enviro Tablets in action in a Grease Trap

To see our Aqua Care™ products working in a Koi Carp pond - "Click here"
"Complete pond & aquarium water maintenance in one product "
Enviro-Tablets™ products are the complete environmental answer to removing Fats, Oils, Grease and organic sludges from industrial waste water systems. They reduce, or indeed eliminate, the need to manually clean, or pump out, FOG interceptors in the waste water system thus saving you time and money.
They also reduce, or eliminate, the inevitable blockages that can occur on busy production lines.
The products also ensure that your discharge water is well above the minimum standards set by your local sewage company, and the national Environment Agencies for FOG, COD, BOD and pH values.

The products are easily deployed into your systems by simply pouring the Powder/Tablet directly into the Grease interceptor. Many European, South African and US factories already use our products.

Most local Water Companies now levy fines for improperly discharging FOG laden water into their treatment systems.
Eliminates all Fats, Oils and Grease automatically from production line discharge Image of a production line
Improves water quality – prevents blockages
Environmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous
Removes/eliminates Bad Odours and Organic sludges
Easy Application -No Need for Pumps or Dispensers
Cleans Entire System -Helps eliminate Pipe/System Corrosion
Saves Time & Costs, Affordable & Cost Effective
Reduces or eliminates pollution fines
Enviro Tablets™ Industrial Products are as follows - Grease trap tablets, Waste water tablets, Urinal and Toilet , plus the Boost Powder
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